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Two Free Tenderloin Steaks For Life With Every New Subscription Box. Use Code: 2FREE
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Two Free Tenderloin Steaks For Life With Every New Subscription Box. Use Code: 2FREE
$50 OFF your first order of $149 or more. Use Code: JOINUS50

Customer Reviews

Our mission is to provide the most affordable, high quality, grass fed & finished beef, pork and chicken. See what our customers have to say about our products or write us a review!

Dan Nguyen


Extremely helpful customer service and excellent products. I ordered my 1/4 side of beef and Fedex messed up shipping so I was making a trip back to home from Seattle, contacted Josh and he met me by the side of I5 in Albany, Oregon with my box of meat and had prepped it with enough dry ice for me to make the long 16 hr drive home

Don’t get to meet a mail order rancher but I can attest to these guys being the real deal and back up their customer service with excellent quality meat and a great price.

Each package came wrapped and labeled ready to go into deep freeze for the next few months of use

June 15, 2020

Julie Parsons


We just grilled our first tenderloin steaks that we ordered from you, and they were AMAZING! We will definitely be ordering more!

Fast response to questions and great packaging! Well worth the money! ❤ Thank you for all you do!

May 25, 2020

Joey Yeager


Excellent service and fast delivery. The beef is top notch and we love the companies ethos. Thank you.

March 30, 2020

Patty J


Excellent prompt communication. Was able to switch out a couple items because received email no stew meat available (and didn’t want the roast) at time of order for perfect mix package. Arrived on time and still rock hard frozen, well labeled and looking red and beefy and delicious. The many, MANY small packages of ground beef made stocking my little freezer a challenge but looking forward to family bbq dinner party next week. Thanks!

The Wyman Family


We have a large family, and we were delighted to have this order arrive. It was frozen solid, pre packaged so I didn’t have to sort it out myself and it was marked properly. I made the stew meat for my family and our youngest is a picky eater. He, along with the other children, asked for seconds, thirds and more. My sister told me, “This is some sexy beef.” That is all it took to convince us that this is the best choice for our family. The fact it comes to my door is a blessing, the nearest grocery store chain like Walmart is over an hour away from our home. Thank you for making it easier to feed our growing family.

Julie M


I ordered the sample box and my order arrived today! Everything looks wonderful! I’m so excited to have grass fed and finished beef. Great price for all I received. The Parkers were wonderful to work with and I will be ordering again! Thank you! ( Will leave another review to tell everyone how delicious everything tastes!)

Letia Arendes


The steaks and roasts are wrapped in plastic and then butcher paper over that. I think it is packaged well. I think it would be impossible for it to get freezer burn. I have now tried the steaks, ground beef, and a roast. Still loving it! Great taste and flavor!

Seriously, I am liking beef more than any other meat after having your beef!

Amy B


Just made burgers…fantastic meat!! Great flavor, melt in your mouth texture and so nice knowing where it came from! Oh and the smoked beef strips-amazing!! We are so happy to have found you guys! Highly recommend!

Cassandra Inman


Steak was fantastic, as was ground beef. We are thrilled with the taste and quality! Just letting you know. Thanks again!

Rosalie P


We love the beef from Oregon Valley Farms! We have purchased from other farms and were very dissatisfied, They has the Best and most tender meat we could ask for!

I highly recommend you to get your beef from Oregon Valley Farms!

Stephen L


Highly recommend!! The beef is delicious and the folks at Oregon Valley Farm were very accommodating to get us our delivery. We will definitely be ordering more! Thank you!

Donna Galvin




Our entire experience with Oregon Family Farm was positive. From ordering and paying, to picking out the meat cuts, to delivery. Overall it was exceptional service with exceptional meat. We are completely satisfied with our purchase. Plus, it was delivered straight to our door. I highly recommend them and can’t wait for them to have pigs!



Love this meat! It tastes so much fresher and cleaner than store bought. It comes out to be much cheaper than buying conventional meat! I also love that I feel good about feeding our 7 month old (who is starting solids) the meat as a great way for him to get iron. I can’t recommend them enough. We will always have our deep freezer full of Oregon Valley Farm’s meat!

Patty M


This was the BEST meat EVER !!! Great service, and packaged really well ! PLUS…the hamburgers were awesome !!!

Cheryl Richard


I’ve bought from many grass-fed, organic beef producers in the past, mainly in Idaho. Now that we live in Oregon, I’m so happy I found Oregon Valley Farm! Good beef, fair price, and the cows had happy life while they lived on the farm.
Grass-fed, organic beef, is the best!

Jaime S


Most excellent service and the product is amazing. We absolutely love the ground beef in this household. The roast is pretty decent as well, always really nice cuts.

Shawn Ware


I ordered 1/4 beef and it’s one of the Best Buy’s I’ve made in along time. Great value and great tasting.

J Saemenes


Good quality meat and excellent service. I love that I can get quality sourced meat without needing to buy half a cow. I recommend this company over and over.

Jason D


Fantastic product, delivery person was really nice and on time, I will be buying more in the future. This box was just right for the freezer space in my fridge, and the meat is so good that I don’t even season it. I understand they put even the good pieces into the ground beef, and you can really tell! You can tell it is grass finished by the color of the fat when you cook it (not just grass fed). Amazing job guys.

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Oregon Valley Farm is a family business located in beautiful NW Oregon. We sell affordable, high quality, grass fed & finished, antibiotic & hormone free beef, pork and chicken.

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