Whole Beef (340 lbs) - Total Price $2279

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340.00 LBS

$1,139.50 is the deposit amount to reserve a whole beef. Your card will be charged for the remaining amount in 30 days. *if you would like to pay the entire amount at once, please select that option.

PLEASE NOTE: An order of a whole beef will typically be shipped 7-9 weeks after order date.

Weight is minimum 340 lbs and includes bones for soup and broth. These are the cuts included in a whole beef (exact number of cuts can vary):

  • Ribeye: 14 lbs
  • Short ribs: 12 lbs
  • Brisket: 16-20 lbs
  • Tenderloin: 4 lbs
  • Top sirloin: 6-8 lbs
  • Mix of other steaks: (Chuck, skirt, hanger, flank) 5-6 lbs
  • Carne Asada: 6-8 lbs
  • Stew meat: 12-14 lbs
  • Soup bones: 6 packs
  • Meaty neck and shank: 10-11 lbs
  • Ground beef: 130-150 lbs
  • Tri tip: 2
  • Roasts: 14-16 (a mix of pot, cross rib, chuck) 45-60 lbs
  • NY / T-bone steak: 14 lbs
  • Offal: (heart, kidney, liver, oxtail, tongue) *can be substituted for ground beef.

*This is an approximation. Variations in cuts may occur due to final weight of beef.

A whole beef order is great for a large family (more than 4) or to split with extended family and friends. Everything is wrapped to maintain freshness for at least a year.

This box will be shipped directly to your door, packed in a lined box with 100% recycled, 1" insulator and dry ice to assure it is frozen upon delivery.

***PLEASE NOTE: An order of a whole beef will typically be shipped 7-9 weeks after order date.***

Vacuum seal option: All steaks are individually wrapped and ground beef comes in 1 lb packages. Vacuum seal will last 2-3 years in the freezer (.76lb extra).

Standard cut and wrap: everything is wrapped in butcher paper. The steaks come 2 to a pack and the ground beef comes in 2 lb packs.
Will last 1-2 years in the freezer.