Fajita Steak Box

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10.00 LBS

This box is an awesome mix of 10 lbs of steaks including skirt, bavette and flank, each individually wrapped. 

Skirt Steak is a long narrow cut of beef from the plate section. It is known for it's flavor and is great for grilling. Don't confuse this with flank steak, a generally similar adjacent cut nearer the animal's rear quarter.

Flank steak is a cut from the abdominal or lower chest muscles on a steer. This cut is known to be very flavorful and relatively lean. It is long and around 1" thick. Flank steak is great used in fajitas, in stir fry as an appetizers or marinade it (this helps for tenderizing) and slice at an angle to serve along whatever side dish you prefer!

The Bavette Steak is taken from the abdominal muscles or lower chest of the steer.  This cut is known for it's tenderness, marbling and flavor.

All of our beef is grass fed AND finished with no antibiotics or added hormones! 

Normally $119.00
Your Price $99.00