Do you know “grass fed” doesn’t always mean what you think??

Do you know “grass fed” doesn’t always mean what you think??

Posted by Jessica Parker on Sep 19th 2018

It is quite typical for beef to be raised on grass and then for the last several months be fed grain to fatten them up before they are butchered.

Why should you care??

1. Grain is inflammatory. When the beef has inflammation, you are putting inflammatory substances in your body. Inflammation is the number one driver behind chronic disease in our culture...autoimmune conditions, neurological conditions, depression, anxiety, etc.

2. Cows are not designed to digest corn, grain, etc. They have the enzymes & microbes necessary to digest grass. Period.

What happens when you eat something YOU'RE body doesn’t know what to do with?! All sorts of digestive issues and illness. Same thing happens with cows. So: enter in the antibiotics.

Antibiotics are really darn good at wreaking havoc in our gut and gut lining. This leads to more inflammation in the system because the stuff that shouldn’t be in your blood stream sneaks in once the gut is disrupted.

When cows have antibiotics in their system, you will then absorb them into your system when you eat that meat.

I {Jessica Parker} am a holistic health coach and work with people all. the. time. who deal with problems stemming from inflammation and leaky gut.

This is why we offer beef that is:

Grass fed AND grass finished

Is given NO antibiotics EVER

Has absolutely ZERO added hormones

We also love our cows to be happy and well cared for! It ALL matters.